Sage X3 allows you to go where your business takes you. With Sage X3 there is no need to confine your people to an office, as they can complete tasks on the spot, using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. All they need is Internet access.

With Sage X3 saying ‘I’ll have to get back to you on that one” is no longer necessary because information can be accessed on the spot.

Built using HTML 5 technologies Sage X3 version 7 is responsive to screen size, fast as it is a Web native system and highly configurable so your staff can access the information they need quickly and simply.

Opening a new office and providing new staff with IT access and assets is far less onerous using Sage X3 than traditional ERP systems. There is no need for local servers, Remote Desk Top Connection or Citrix or loading of software on a local client machine.

With true ERP mobility comes opportunities to improve the way you do business. Carrying out POS transactions, checking warehouse stock levels or simply accessing information from home or abroad can all be completed on the move and remotely with mobile devices without the usual connectivity hassles. Sage X3 even allows you to create your own Apps such as travel and expense claims and time capture with little or no training required. Sage X3 V7 is browser and device independent. It is modern market leading software for mid market enterprises on the move.