In the digital age the mid-sized businesses enjoying stellar performances are the ones that have made mobile communications work for them. These organisations are using modern communication technologies as part of their overall ERP systems strategy to drive their business success and the all in one Sage X3 suite of software has been centre stage in many of these mid-sized enterprise success stories.

Sage X3 is an ERP software solution specifically designed to help mid-sized businesses optimize every business transaction. Generate and receive Sage X3 alerts and approvals from your mobile device wherever you are and with electronic signatures maintain strong audit tracking of authorizations. Sage X3 provides enterprises with a single platform for managing accounting, sales, finance, customer service, and operational data, so everyone is sharing the same accurate, real-time information. Providing access to this type of information, through secure, administrator controlled mobile devices drives collaboration between individuals, teams, divisions and group entities.

Sage X3 simplifies access and sharing of relevant information by user, role, and project teams enabling organisation-wide communications and collaboration.

Sage X3 is built using modern Web technologies and empowers companies to create their own Web apps using HTML 5 technology so mobile staff can view and process transactions precisely as you require them to do so whilst operating away from the office.