As a mid-sized business you need an ERP system that caters for both your user numbers and business complexities. Your current system may very well predate the Internet and may be holding back your business from capitalizing on business opportunities and from competing in a rapidly changing business environment.

What you need is a system that streamlines your business processes, eliminates manual and unproductive activities, provides coverage for both your simple and more complex business processes, aids with control over staff activities and provides you with the flexibility to adapt processes as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Sage X3 is a leading all in one mid-market ERP software solution. It has been specifically designed to help you control complex business transactions including accounting for multiple legal entities, group accounting, inter-entity accounting and trade, and consolidations, and multiple legislations.

Sage X3 is a cost effective tier two solution for mid-market national and global enterprises. Sage X3 handles complex accounting functions, cash management, statistical, analytic and dimensional analysis, budgets and financial reporting for mid-market enterprises. Sage X3 has been designed to accommodate the business information needs of enterprises operating across multiple legislations and does so in a single data universe. Sage X3, as a Web-native application, supports disbursed multi national enterprises and groups with multiple offices and locations. It offers multiple languages, a third reporting currency and advanced reporting and analysis applications to satisfy the often demanding financial reporting requirements of mid market private and publically listed enterprises.

Financial reporting

Sage X3 is in its own right, an optimised data warehouse offering companies the ability to use SAP Business Objects or Sage Enterprise Intelligence to present financial data in intuitive easy to interpret graphical and traditional financial reporting formats. The single enterprise-wide universe supports streamlined business intelligence and reporting regardless of the corporate structure being reported on. With home, source and reporting currencies Sage X3 provide the perfect platform upon which to create pervasive financial reports. The system also offers direct Microsoft Office data feeds to Excel, Word and PowerPoint meaning managers and staff can simply refresh their reporting templates to view and share the latest financial position of the company, department, site or group. Financial data extractor, user definable user portals and SQL query simply add further opportunities to Sage X3 system users to extract, view and action a companies financial data as security rights permit.

Sage Intelligence (SI)

Sage Intelligence (SI) is one further application available to Sage X3 system users to present business data views. Utilizing Microsoft Excel as the user interface SI is typically used by line managers and financial managers reporting on less complex data sets and corporate structures. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is a true Business Intelligence application that optionally includes an Excel add in similar to SI. SEI is positioned as an enterprise level BI application tightly integrated with Sage X3 or sold separately for use on any open data source.

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