The business benefits resulting from an alignment of your sales and marketing teams are well known as are the challenges of engaging sales people to use corporate CRM systems.

The right CRM system will not only receive wide employee support it will meet the needs of your sales team, your customer service reps, your accounts department and your marketing personnel.

Sage provides companies with both best of breed and best of suite user friendly CRM software that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding chief sales and chief marketing officers.

The best of breed Sage CRM system, stand-alone or deployed with Sage X3, was designed to help you maintain a meaningful dialogue with your existing customers, whilst helping you build relationships with prospects. With deep Microsoft office integration, excellent mobility, document and file management, in bound and outbound call management, access to ERP data and sales transaction capabilities, 24/7 client self-service, advanced eDM capabilities, equipment servicing and campaign management, sales and marketing executives have all bases covered with Sage software.

By using Sage CRM your sales managers will have access to view and measure individual and team work efforts, the ability to share reports with their team members, interactive dashboards, intuitive forecasting and opportunity management and sales funnel reporting as well as the ability to segment data, communicate with homogeneous groups of people, capture leads and prospects via Web forms and on mobile devices and to create and track documents such as quotes, proposals and service requests.

Sage CRM’s technical capabilities enable it to become more than a CRM system to businesses. As a development platform the system is highly configurable and capable of directly reflecting the business processes and information needs of your business beyond the traditional definition of CRM. For instance, advanced workflows, alerts, displays of data from other systems and unique entity creation along with screen, table and field management can turn Sage CRM into the unifying front end business system for your entire enterprise.

The best of suite Sage X3 system in its own right provides companies with an excellent array of CRM capabilities. Sage X3 CRM functionality is ideally suited but not limited to enterprises who provide after sales service, warranties and maintenance on the equipment they sell. Sage X3 creates an equipment card upon sale, for specified equipment, manages these serialized “client” assets, including spare parts, labour and consumables, scheduled and unscheduled services and account management activities and communications.

The integrated Sage X3 system combining ERP and CRM data supports the coordinated and collaborative efforts of staff across multiple departments. As a Web native system use of mobile devices to conduct business are supported opening up opportunities to streamline order processing, service delivery and a reliance on back office order processing. The availability to add system extensions to manage time capture and billing, membership based organizations needs and RTO’s and event based organizations are also available as part of the Sage CRM ecosystem.

The Sage CRM software supports advanced marketing campaign management and eDM campaigns using Sage eMkt software as a service to control drip marketing campaigns, bulk personalized communications and the resulting Google analytics.