Mid-sized Australian business have many of the business process challenges of larger businesses, with fewer resources to meet these challenges.

One of their main business challenges, regardless of business size, is finding ways to reduce operational costs. One such way is through the automation of repetitive business processes another by simply improving internal business processes. What ever the solutions are they need to offer the flexibility to adapt to legislative changes and customer preference changes, and they need to be able to reduce operating costs, support improved customer service delivery and potentially help generate greater revenue.

By linking systems together, and by optimizing and automating business processes every Australian mid-sized business should be able to improve communication and collaboration between their employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders in turn improving their key business KPIs.

Workflows should enforce consistency in the organisation’s processes and play a fundamental role in the acceleration of company performance and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Adoption of best practices can also assist companies streamline their business leading to reductions in costs.

Key to achieving your business process management goals is the selection and implementation of the ‘best fit’ business software solution for your business. You require a system with the flexibility to accommodate complex business processes whilst utilizing available technologies to automate tasks. You need a system that is simple to use and intuitive.

Process Manufacturing

CitySoft’s most popular ERP software solution for process manufacturers is Sage X3. Sage X3 is ideally suited to the specialised requirements of mid-sized process manufacturers and distributors in food and beverage, chemicals and life sciences. Sage X3 for process manufacturing is designed to streamline business processes and functions at every level of your business.

Mid-sized process manufacturers will also benefit from Sage X3’s regulatory compliance, product life-cycle management (PLM), quality control management (QC) and supply chain optimization features. Sage X3 can also help your business better manage its plant maintenance (CMMS).

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Discreet Manufacturers

CitySoft’s most popular ERP software solution for discreet manufacturers is Sage X3. Many Discreet Manufacturers struggle with volatile markets where products seem to have ever shortened life spans, increasing demands from customers and constant pressures on costs and margins. In response to this pressure many have turned to the enterprise-wide functionality of Sage X3 to regain their competitive edge.

Sage X3 allows discreet manufacturers to engage all stakeholders in the value chain and to implement continuous improvement processes like Lean Manufacturing. Sage X3 has been designed to enable a collaborative approach to planning and to optimize each aspect of the supply chain.

CitySoft has extensive experience in implementing Sage X3 software solutions for mid-sized discreet manufacturers in the high-tech, automotive and components, industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors.

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Service Management

The biggest challenge for Australian businesses providing technical and professional services is balancing the client’s needs and expectations whilst managing costs and margins.

CitySoft recommends the Sage X3 Service Management software solution to streamline business processes, improve stock and people management, and to deliver business profitability.

Sage ERP X3 Service Management software is a web-native system utilizing the latest mobile technologies to assist technical staff in the field to deliver timely knowledgeable service, and parts, and to complete other business processes from the field such as purchasing, client electronic sign off and booking new appointments. Sage X3 supports better management of spare parts inventory, ensuring you free up working capital by maintaining an optimized parts inventory. Advanced equipment card creation from sales order entry aids with warranty, spare parts and after sales servicing of equipment.

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CitySoft’s most popular ERP software solution for mid-sized Australian distributors is Sage X3. Mid-sized Australian distribution businesses need to balance their stock holding with respect to lead times (especially with imported goods) and working capital, as well as meeting customer delivery expectations. They also need to improve operational margins and reduce warehouse holding costs.

Balancing stock holdings and customer service demands are more easily met using Sage X3. Sage X3 integrates key data from across every site, stock location, team and customer to help you make the right stocking decisions.

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Financial Services-Non-Banking

Many mid-sized Australian non-banking Financial Service organisations quickly outgrow their entry-level business accounting software and ERP software solutions. They find the general ledger capabilities too shallow and completely inadequate when dealing with multiple entities, consolidations and intra and inter-entity accounting.

This problem is further compounded when the group’s inevitable expansion includes entities in other countries, with different home currencies and financial years. As a solution to these problems CitySoft recommends and provides two options; Sage 300 and Sage X3.

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