CitySoft Sage X3 Developments

CitySoft Sage X3 Developments

The CitySoft Sage X3 team consists of both a functional and a technical team, something that really sets our business apart from our competitors.

Our technical team has created a host of developments as well as creating the Malaysian legislation pack. The team make the most of the Sage X3 development platform that supports creation of applications to extend the Sage X3 system.

Just as our team has grown over the years so too has our reputation globally as a Sage business partner with technical, functional and project management prowess for the mid-market.

Discover CitySoft’s Sage X3 extensions for enhanced Sage X3 processes

Advanced Banking Transaction Management Module

Auto import and reconciliation process execution.

This CitySoft module Imports bank statement transaction files in the ANZ, CBA, Westpac, & NAB formats.

It supports both a single bank account electronic bank statement file conversion to .XQB Sage format and a Multi-bank account import at single execution.

Your file transformation and auto reconciliation can be based upon user defined parameters.


  • Auto Generated Bank Reports
  • BPay file payment formats
  • International file payment formats

Inter Company Loan Management Module

This module manages a number of common and user defined relationships between legal entities in a group structure.  One to one and one to many multiple entity transactions can be managed. Also supports acquittal of group entity debtor or creditor transactions via loan account entries.

Centralized Treasury Management Module

This module utilizes a virtual bank to manage payments and receipts for Corporate Group member entities who do not have a physical bank account, updating loan account, journals, and transaction routes accordingly.  

Daily Exchange Rate automatic feed

Automatically update your exchange rate from a defined source, with a modulation factor to mark feed rates up or down as required.

Mass Approval Workflow

Provides for discretionary selection of approval or notification status change at a single execution.  

eCommerce Pack

This module automates eBay to Sage X3 Sales Order Creation.

Automatic Web Orders to X3 Sales Orders saves time and effort and improves service levels.

This module supports stock Level notifications to the destination Web Store plus centralized pricing management and Web Store updates. It also manages product master synchronization from X3 to Web Store

Advanced Revenue Recognition

For project based businesses.

Independently or relationally manage contract revenue and WiP cost recognition based upon project defined parameters.

Report and reconcile GL balances for WiP and unearned income by project. Manage the recognition proposal in a worksheet before posting to the ledger. Forward manage project margins based upon estimated costs to complete and contract revenue plus variations.

Extended Budget Management for Projects

Define project budgets by stage and task with linked approval processes.

  1. Project budget controls on supplier invoice and PO
  2. Tracks available budget by project phase and task

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