SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout is a best of breed POS system for SAP Business One, helping you boost your sales with targeted measures, covering all of your Point of Sale requirements and providing your staff with all the information they need. The Customer Checkout system is as much at home in a retail store as it is in a café or restaurant.

Specifically designed for small to medium-sized retailers, with up to 200 tills or terminals, users can process customer payments on staff members’ hand-held devices or at traditional cash registers, process returns, discounts and vouchers and update loyalty accounts.

Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Transactions are sent directly to warehouse management and accounting, allowing visibility on revenue directly generated from a event, customer or product.

Outlets are informed immediately if there is a change of price or product.

Customer Checkout for SAP Business One continues working normally even when you lose your internet connection, as all data is saved, and then sent back to SAP Business One when the internet connection is back up.