BatchMaster process manufacturing software for SAP Business One is an all in one end to end ERP system designed specifically for SME process manufacturers.

Built using the SAP Business software development tool kit BatchMaster for SAP Business One offers companies a seamless user interface and tightly integrated solution covering manufacturing, accounts, warehousing, logistics, finance, treasury and reporting. Importantly given the fact BatchMaster resides within the SAP Business One ecosystem all the brilliant capabilities inherent in SAP Business One are adopted and available across the process manufacturing elements of the solution including drag and relate on the fly analysis, Crystal reporting, alerts, workflows and approvals.

So what specifically does BatchMaster do?

BatchMaster for SAP Business One provides computerized management of the various business processes typically undertaken in the course of producing a finished good from a recipe or formula.

Process manufacturing industries include for instance chemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One manages the many process manufacturing inventory intricacies such as wastage, by-products, batches, lots, partial units of measure, recipes, revisions, variable weights, use by dates and warehousing. The warehouse component provides RF warehouse management for goods inward, transfers, picking for manufacture and dispatch as finished goods.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One also provides companies with the ability to control costs: – costs of material, labor and machines, as well performing what if analysis on costs for recipe or formula changes. The system also supports compliance with local regulatory controls and allows manufacturers to link with 3rd party systems for an extended system footprint such as nutritional databases for Nutritional Information panels (NIP’s) and weigh scales.

The inbuilt quality control and R&D capabilities along with MSDS functionality increases the usability of the system for manufacturers in chemicals, life sciences and food & beverage production.

The MRP & MPS functionality of BatchMaster for SAP Business One helps manufacturers optimize their plant and maximize production. Visual prompts help co-ordinate production runs into logical sequences to minimize machine preparation, wash down or decontamination down time between runs.

Many SME’s believe they have no option other than to run separate manufacturing and ERP systems. With BatchMaster for SAP Business One SME process manufacturers can enjoy all the business benefits of operating a fully integrated system that generates timely business intelligence that reflects the true position of the business without resorting to decision making based on partial, disparate or out of date information.

Who can BatchMaster Help?

BatchMaster for SAP Business One can help streamline the operations of a wide range of process manufacturers. Here are a few examples. BatchMaster can help Micro breweries by removing the many growing pains such as the tedious exercise of calculating excise duty; by optimizing inventory of raw, intermediary and packaging materials to free up valuable cash reserves for other business matters. Producers of sealants, paints and inks can automate and co-ordinate the various production steps through to finished good completion including batch tracking, best before and MSDS creation.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One also boasts strong market share in the prepared meal space (TV dinners, airline meals) and with producers of sauces and marinades, as well as sport, alcoholic and carbonated beverage producers.

BatchMaster together with SAP Business One adds a level of best of breed process manufacturing for chemical, food & beverages, pharmacuetical, nutraceutical, and life sciences industries.

Dairy producers are also catered for by BatchMaster for SAP Business One. The system will help producers of fresh milk, powdered milk, cream cheese, ice cream, chocolates, and long life milk manufactured for both local and overseas consumption.

Mid sized enterprises or SME’s with sophisticated business process requirements may require the more advanced tier 2 ERP system from Sage “Sage Enterprise Management”

Sage Enterprise Management provides process manufacturers with a greater level of functionality that is offered by BatchMaster for SAP Business One especially with respect to MSDS’s, multi-site warehouse management, inter-entity and inter-site management, and consolidation controls and support where there are multiple plants and entities in your group, SSCC and GS-1 128 label creation and management, containers and palletization and EDI. Many of these requirements aren’t present or significant matters to manage at an SME process manufacturer and often the functional coverage the BatchMaster for SAP Business One system offers takes the manufacturer to a whole new level of sophistication and capability however as the size and scale of a business grows, generally the business demands lead to a need for more sophisticated ERP functionality only available in the tier 1 and tier 2 ERP systems. Sage Enterprise Management as a tier 2 ERP system meets these deeper business challenges of sophisticated process manufacturing concerns head on. Sage Enterprise Management is designed for multi company multi site process manufacturers and operates across a wide range of process manufacturing industries.

The Sage ERP X3 mid market system also offers a suite of pre-configured solutions for the food & beverage market and agricultural sector. The Artimos suite for Sage ERP X3 supports for instance paddock to plate management of protein including beast or carcass “deconstruction” , management of various production types: butchering, preparation, freezing, packaging, etc., importing of scale results, trace-ability, SSCC bar codes, batch number tracking, pallets, packages, and kilo management and a host of other meat facility specific capabilities.

CitySoft assist process manufacturers evaluate the suitability of BatchMaster for SAP Business One or Sage Enterprise Management taking into consideration your many and varied business information needs.