Business challenges for Australian SME Distribution businesses

Although the size and resources vary dramatically, the expectation and demands of customers differ little between SME, and mid to large Distribution business. Until recently mid-to-large Distribution businesses had a clear technical advantage over their smaller counterparts, however a new philosophy in software development applied by several of the world’s most popular and successful SME ERP software providers has changed this.

Many mid-to-large ERP software solutions have integrated Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), allowing medium to large Distribution business to access workflow and management tools, essential to the success of the distribution sector, from within their ERP software solution. This has not been the case with entry-level ERP solutions. Providing these capabilities out-of-the-box for SME Distribution businesses has been too cost prohibitive.

The alternative of integrating specialised 3rd party solutions often resulted in costly and sub-standard integration with key business systems. However, this is no longer the case. Sage ERP 300 uses what is referred to as an ‘ecosystem’ approach. It works with specialist 3rd party software developers to deliver specialist solutions that integrate seamlessly with the core ERP solution, providing similar levels of functionality to mid-level ERP solutions, at a fraction of the cost.

Sage 300

Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac) is a globally successful ERP Application position to meet the business needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Sage 300 offers SME distributors a modular based solution.

Sage 300 has its particular characteristics and capabilities including licensing models, feature sets, pricing and technology. CitySoft takes the time to understand the exact nature and culture of your business, your workflows, business processes and your ambitions. They then use this knowledge to recommend a solution from Sage 300 that fits with your business and project requirements, budget and future business aims.

WMS Warehouse Management systems

Sage 300 provides 3rd party integration with Warehouse Management solutions. One such solution, which is frequently specified by CitySoft, is Accu-Dart WMS software.

Accu-Dart WMS software is specific for Sage 300. Designed as an affordable WMS system Accu-Dart extends on the standard paper based pick and pack functionality of Sage 300 adding RF functionality, expanded bin management and richer receipting, pick and pack and dispatch functionality.

The Accellos One Warehouse system has led the SME market place for many years. Regarded by many as the most feature rich WMS system for Australian SME’s Accellos has created and capitalized on an integration layer with Sage 300 system. Accellos is priced and positioned above Accu-dart and is available in various suites including a basic warehouse suite right through to an advanced solution for the most complex and demanding WMS environments.

With features such as End of Line (EOL) , EDI container management, Lot and serial number tracking, 3PL and RMA capabilities and two way integration with Sage, Accellos provides the best of breed WMS capabilities as part of an integrated ERP solution for SME distributors.

Radio Frequency (RF) WMS

CitySoft WMS solutions help companies drive WMS efficiency through optimizing WMS processes. RF technologies as part of the CitySoft WMS solutions help cut pick errors, reduces pick face stock outs, shorten pick routes, improves stock receipting and put-aways and streamlines locating and placing inventory. CitySoft provide a comprehensive WMS service from the initial site audit through to hardware supply and commissioning and software deployment including wireless, bar-code and mobile device implementation and support.