SAP Business One Industry Solution components

With SAP Business One’s evolution from a best of suite application into an application and technical platform, independent software vendors, World-wide, have created software to enhance SAP Business One. Excellent system extensions exist in the SAP Business One ecosystem for process manufacturers such as food producers, food and beverage manufacturers and other manufacturing companies dealing with formulas and recipes; discrete manufacturers who make to order, make to stock and or engineer to order; eRetailers; field services companies and advanced warehousing and distribution companies.

In addition to these excellent industry based products a range of general system extensions exist for SAP Business One including SAP Concur expense and travel management, a cloud service, a mobile sales app and a range of nifty apps from a company called Enterpryze. CitySoft help companies by recommending solutions that meet a company’s specific business needs build around one of our core business systems. 

Some of the key SAP independent software vendor (ISV) products CitySoft recommend by industry are:

Other neat products for SAP Business One include Autodocs, Boyum B1uP and for Merchandising - Opmetrix

SAGE 300 Industry Solution components

Growing small to medium sized companies who choose Sage 300 as their advanced business software have at their disposal a huge number of applications created exclusively for Sage 300 or integrated with Sage 300

The key products CitySoft recommend to companies using Sage 300, by industry, are:

Discrete Manufacturing

Service Management

There are also a host of specific business process products that extend Sage 300 such as EFT, inter entity and intercompany, document management and scanning, fixed assets and alerts and workflows to name some of the more popular products.

Solution examples

Here are a few examples of CitySoft formulated business system solutions

Utilizing software from both Produmex and Streamline, and services from SPS eCommerce for EDI trade, CitySoft created a modern business system solution for a business involved in vegetable growing, buying, and importing, processing, exporting and selling to a domestic market through the major food retailers.

Produmex software is used to manage integration with weigh scales and grading equipment plus quality control measures whilst SAP Business One was configured to manage field, farm and picker traceability, lots and best before tracking, sales order management and pick, pack and shipment of sales orders. SAP Business One national accounts management, and the ability to electronically receive and send data electronically streamlined exchanges with their major retail customers and AutoDocs from Streamline allowed simple bulk, yet personalized document distribution with customers and suppliers to take place with minimal effort. Purchasing, customer and supplier contracts and multi-currency transactions are all accommodated on system, in SAP Business One.

A food manufacturer using SAP Business One required greater control and visibility over raw materials, wastage, re-work, labour costs, batch tracking & recipe controls. CitySoft replaced their incumbent SAP Business One Services Company, and set in motion a plan to help the food manufacturer capitalize on their past investment in SAP Business One. In a relatively short time frame, CitySoft upgraded the company to the latest edition of SAP Business One which contained superior manufacturing capabilities than the older version the company was using. HR3 payroll & HR were added and CitySoft provided the company with a FREE version of Qlik Sense business intelligence to enable dashboards and reports to be created, drawing data from HR3 and SAP that provided far greater insight into production costs than they previously had.

The SAP Business One upgrade negated any immediate need to introduce the food and beverage specific BatchMaster software for SAP Business One, even though CitySoft arranged a trade in for the company for the process manufacturing system they had previously purchased but never implemented.  A major warehouse investment was delayed off the back of tighter batch tracking and procurement practices using SAP Business One best practice functionality.

A non Alcoholic drink manufacturer utilizes Opmetrix merchandising software to address their need for proof of delivery (POD). Route sales people especially in the food and beverage space know the importance of confirming supply of their goods to cafes, restaurants and convenience stores. They also know the value of product placement and capturing in store information. Opmetrix allows the non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer and distributor to better manage deliveries, van stock and sales and their daily sales and delivery routes.

An industrial equipment retailer uses Enterpryze proof of pick up to speed up counter sale pick-ups of goods by customers. In the hustle and bustle of an industrial counter sale environment speed is paramount and translates into customer service and in fact repeat business, however, issues can arise at a later time when some customers demand verification of pick up. Enterpryze proof of pick allows for a customer electronic signature and optionally a digital picture to accompany the sale.

A discrete manufacturer in regional Victoria uses Produmex Scan as part of a SAP Business One system to provide shop floor staff with the ability to manage inventory both finished and for production using a mobile handheld device.

Process Manufacturing

BatchMaster for SAP Business One is the premium solution for SME’s involved in process manufacturing. BatchMaster for SAP Business One isn’t an accounting package manipulated to manage bills of material, but rather it is a specialist process manufacturing suite of software built inside the all in one SAP Business One system, that together supplies a fully integrated end to end system for process manufacturers.

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Discrete Manufacturing

If you are a Discrete Manufacturer, you need a business software solution that engages all your stakeholders in the value chain and facilitates implementation of continuous improvement processes like Lean Manufacturing. Learn how CitySoft can help you control costs, manage quality and deliver strong returns to your stakeholders.

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Service Management

If you’re a property service firm, or in the business of servicing heavy machinery, electronic equipment, marine or safety equipment, in fact, any equipment that requires after sales servicing you need specific business software that coordinates and manages field staff, equipment, inventory and customers. Learn how CitySoft can provide you with a business software solution that will help you better manage customer service demands, parts and consumables sales, scheduled and preventative servicing, warranties and service contracts.

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As a wholesale distributor, one of your greatest challenges is balancing stock holdings and customer service demands. Learn how CitySoft can help you manage all the levels and movements of goods across one or multiple sites and, if needed, across multiple companies, as well as effectively responding to incidents, accidents and special demands.

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Advanced Financials

As a wholesale distributor, one of your greatest challenges is balancing stock holdings and customer service demands. Learn how CitySoft can help you manage all the levels and movements of goods across one or multiple sites and, if needed, across multiple companies, as well as effectively responding to incidents, accidents and special demands.