Sage X3 is a comprehensive all in one advanced business software system designed for mid-sized enterprises. The Sage X3 system also appeals to mature and growing small to medium sized businesses, many with aspirations to become mid-sized enterprises, however, the investment in services to implement Sage X3 over these other packages designed for the small to medium sized business segment often places Sage X3 outside their budget.

Typically, companies select Sage X3 over Sage 300, SAP Business One and other systems designed for mature and growing small to medium sized businesses due to Sage X3’s immense product flexibility and comprehensive feature set including scalability, multiple companies and sites in a single database, and its web native technology.  When the functionality in Sage X3 is a match for mature or growing small to medium sized businesses, but the services budget is outside their budget, CitySoft recommend using our Fast Track project plan approach.

The project services budget to implement Sage X3 is generally higher than SAP Business One and Sage 300 software systems as the scope of works to configure these packages that are designed for small to medium sized businesses is significantly less than what is possible with Sage X3. 

CitySoft’s Fast Track plan, modelled on Sage’s Fast Start concept, supports mature and growing small to medium sized businesses who want Sage X3 software but who need a more affordable project fee, to meet their budget constraints, the opportunity to get on platform with Sage X3. Often companies in the $20-$50 million-dollar turnover range align to the fast track stream.

The Fast Track plan limits, and or, removes various elements of the Sage X3 system from the project plan, and utilizes a set of predefined set up and configuration parameters to speed up project delivery and to reduce one off project costs.

The database design is built to suit a typical Australian business, and unlike the Sage Fast Start model, takes a more practical hands on approach to system design and configuration, in so far as, allowing companies relying on the CitySoft Fast Track plan to include various company specific needs in the overall project plan. The variations to the Fast Track plan are clearly defined and costed, allowing companies to include or exclude each variation as they see fit.

The bonus of Fast Track for mature and growing small to medium sized enterprises, is the ability to get on system with Sage X3 and when funds permit expand the system out to encompass more functionality and sophistication. Whilst the systems designed for smaller businesses generally demand compromise – this is how the system manages a particular business process and there are no choices, Sage X3 can be configured to meet virtually any business process you require.  Mature and growing small to medium sized enterprises who see a need for greater system flexibility, now or in the future, are selecting Sage X3, getting on system, using best practices as represented in the standard Sage X3 business processes, and as funds permit, introducing more elaborate business processes and controls that assist them grow more profitably, compete harder, and deliver better customer service.