Advanced Business Software Project success demands the application of, and commitment, to adopt and follow a proven path to project delivery success. Project management is often neglected or removed from project budgets however it is crucial to co-ordinating resources and navigating through the many and varied challenges common to all advanced business software projects.

CitySoft’s experienced project managers save companies time, money and unnecessary heartache. They oversee resource allocation, workmanship, project scope and communications with project team members and project stakeholders. Together with your project manager they co-ordinate project delivery and de-risk your project against inferior solution delivery, missed project deadlines and cost blowouts.

Based on decades of experience, CitySoft have created their own project methodology drawing upon theories and project approaches widely used by global consulting firms across enterprise and mid-market sized projects. Since the project demands of larger projects differ from mid-sized and smaller projects we vary our project methodology to suit the project profile so clients obtain the right type and volume of project services without ignoring any vital project disciplines.

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