Properly prepared projects will contain a clearly defined set of activities leading up to a switch over to the new system. Going live on a new system shouldn’t involve a hope and pray strategy that it will all be ok on the day. Such a plan typically ends badly as matters that should have been dealt with leading up to go live become major issues post go live. The best time to address system and solution matters is prior to go live, not after.  CitySoft understands the need for business continuity and a well-considered and executed go live plan will reduce the risk of a failed go live position, and a need to roll back.

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a crucial component of good projects and when done fully and completely, where every conceivable business process scenario is tested, will remove or reduce any go live issues. Even with the best laid plans issues can emerge post go live, however, the significance and severity of these issues are unlikely to be major ones when your project contains proper go live preparation.

During the go live preparation phase of a project CitySoft utilize a number of checklists cumulating in a final Go – No Go Toll Gate meeting, where risks and readiness are discussed prior to clients deciding on pressing ahead with a Go live cut over, or deferring until such a time as they are better positioned to go live.