A change to modern advanced business software provides companies with an opportunity to evaluate their existing business processes, with a view to improving the way they do business. Often, newer technologies along with new business application capabilities, open up new and more productive ways for companies to capture and manage data, leading to cost savings and improvements in customer service. In some instances, inefficient business processes and practices evolve over time, often due to limitations in the company’s business software system. On occasions staff turnover, inadequate staff training and a lack of documentation of business processes, plus the loss of staff systems IP, over time, leads to degraded business processes.

As a part of a CitySoft advanced business software project, we conduct workshops that include a comprehensive business process review. Current business processes are compared to optimized business processes available within the realms of the proposed business software, and the modern technologies upon which the software operates.

Topical technological advancements such as the IoT, Block Chain Technologies & Web Mobility have and are changing the way businesses operate and are responsible for a wide range of wholesale industry transformations. Block Chain technologies for instance will have a major impact in the food and beverage industry around counterfeiting, substitutions and traceability including visibility along the entire supply chain, in essence from paddock to plate and back. Voice activated warehousing, BOTS and even the availability of mobile Apps are changing business processes. SAP Concur and the Sage Enterprise Management Expense App, for instance, are changing the way we process expense claims and book travel; the SAP Business One sales App, the Sage 300 Technisoft technical services App and Sage Enterprise Management, as a Web native application, are all changing the way we transact and consume data, and not just sales behaviours but technical and professional service staff with electronic time capture, but also remote office staff, work from home staff and staff involved in delivering goods.