Hosted Solutions - Data Centre Services

CitySoft offer choice when it comes to licensing and deploying your SAP or Sage advanced business software system, CRM software and your reporting and business intelligence system.

CitySoft helps facilitate a company’s move to the Web for MS Mail, back-ups, Microsoft applications and their critical business applications.

For many small to medium sized enterprises the costs of maintaining the hardware upon which their business relies are too high and the response rates from IT suppliers or inexperienced staff, when things go wrong, too slow to justify continuing along this path.

Often moving MS Mail and backups signifies the start of a company’s migration to ‘pay as you go’ cloud services, later followed by a move of the critical business software system used to run the business.

The disruption to doing good business by diluting the attention of staff who may be interested in technology but are far from being experts in ICT, away from the job they were employed to do in the first instance, can be quite dramatic, frustrating and costly to the business. A move to cloud computing can resolve these issues overnight. A move to the cloud can also lead to a reduced head count and labor cost as the need for in-house IT personnel diminishes.

A company’s move to cloud services can be transitional especially where there is an existing investment in computing assets that are not as yet end of life. In this instance servers can be moved to a data center under a managed operations agreement until such time that the asset reaches end of life. Applications can then be switched to the data centers assets under an infrastructure as a service arrangement. (IaaS)

CitySoft’s Web Hosting Services utilize world class global hosting facilities from top data centres based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Singapore, Auckland and Wellington. 

The CitySoft owned ICT Cloud infrastructure is based in Carrum Downs: OMNI Centre where we have located our own Infrastructure to support SAP Business One, Sage 300 & Sage X3 clients. (In virtual environments – private cloud IaaS). We also utilize Interactive Data Centres & Vocus DC facilities & infrastructure. We are also a Telstra Cloud partner.

CitySoft provide a range of hosted services including for Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Remote desk top connectivity and published Apps technologies, Citrix, and of course SAP Business One for SQL, SAP Business One HANA, Sage X3 and Sage 300c

In addition to the operating systems and database licensing the CitySoft private cloud client services includes various back-up options, firewall protection, anti-virus protection, system monitoring, virtualization, secure and restricted access to your data in Australian and Singapore based data centre facilities.