Recommended products for Business Intelligence and Reporting

SEI (Nectari) Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence represents a paradigm changing new generation of Business Intelligence tools which is helping mid-sized Australian companies make more informed decisions by providing actionable, real-time insights into operational, financial and HRM data. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI | Nectari) is the ideal data analysis and reporting solution for mid-sized companies including companies currently using Sage X3 or Sage 300. With SEI | Nectari, your people will have access to live key business metrics, informative dashboards and reports, allowing them to make informed decisions and to predict and plan for the future.

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CitySoft Consulting Group is assisting companies to prosper by turning data into business insight through the use of Qlik and Qlik View business software.

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SI (Alchemex – Sage Intelligence)

Sage Intelligence (SI) is an optional Financial Reporting tool for Sage X3. It ships with 4 Excel-based out-of-the-box reports (Financial Report, Financial Report by Company, Analytical Budget Report, and Analytical Report), which have been designed for both the standard financial statement and analytical reporting requirements, for more specific financial analysis. Sage Intelligence (SI) reporting capabilities include pre-defined drill down reports that allow users to investigate detailed transactions from within the familiar environment of Excel.

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SAP Crystal Dashboard

SAP Crystal Dashboards delivers many of the data visualisation capabilities to SMEs, which SAP has developed for its large enterprise solutions. SAP Crystal Dashboard provides you and your team with a more visual, comprehensive and actionable view of critical business data. Data visualisation allows managers to gain vital business insight that can help them confidently plan for the future. SAP Crystal Dashboards allows you and your team to monitor emerging trends, see in real time matters demanding your attention and to track performances across your organisation. SAP Crystal Dashboards provides you and your team clear, concise KPI data presentation, graphs, dials and charts displaying financial, operational and statistical data. 

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SAP Lumira for Business One

SAP Lumira for SAP Business One allows you to share data that provides instant insights needed to grow your business.

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SAP Hana Analytics

All analytics. all users. one place. Discover, visualise, plan and predict with all your business data whether you’re in the boardroom or in front of the customer.