Do you want to take your business to the world?

The latest research shows that only 12% of Asia Pacific SMEs exclusively do business in one country. The other 88% of Asia Pacific SMEs have taken their business to the world. The latest projections also indicate that the amount of Asia Pacific SMEs doing business internationally will increase to 96% in the next three years, with 41% of revenue generated outside their home country. Rather than spend their time lamenting the loss of local opportunities, it seems most successful SMEs are looking to take their businesses to the world.

Research also indicates that factors such as economic uncertainty, shifting customer expectations and demand, as well as increasing labor costs and increasing global competition will continue to impact on those SMEs with a ‘local only’ focus. The most successful of these SMEs expanding into other countries are using advances in SME business management software and business analytics software to drive this expansion and business transformation.

CitySoft Consulting Group implements the software solutions that help run SMEs with a global focus. Whether or not this international exposure includes overseas offices and localised legal entities as part of a group or is just confined to multi-currency trade, CitySoft can provide an ‘industry specific’ ERP software solution to meet your goals of international expansion.

CitySoft are also equipped to assist SME’s with multilingual, multi-legislation and multiple entity ERP and business software solutions for SME’s, which can be deployed on the Web.

CitySoft are Sage & SAP Business Management Software Consultants

Advanced Business Management Software

CitySoft provides leading ERP solutions to Australia and the rest of the world. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software offers a simple way for organisations to manage vital business functions with ease. 

Take care of technology, services and HR functions with automated software that's easy-to-use and reliable.

Businesses across Australia use ERP solutions from CitySoft because they deliver the value that they expect. That's why we've developed a global reputation for the support we're able to offer companies of all sizes.

CitySoft's Key Business Software Solutions

Whatever you need from business management software, Citysoft has the solution.

We represent three powerful and advanced types of ERP software in Australia and beyond. We know from experience and from our satisfied customers around the world how transformative these applications can be, even for the most demanding of projects.

Sage X3

Sage X3 is one of our advanced business management applications, ideal for medium-sized enterprises. Businesses that consist of multiple sites or across numerous countries will see benefits in Sage X3, which is sophisticated enough to handle complex business processes for multiple sites and even, where necessary, multiple languages. 

The all-in-one system can manage advanced reporting and analysis, even with thousands of users at once.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the ERP software that Australian small to medium-sized businesses can do more with. Small-medium businesses that are growing will find this suite has those necessary functions that other forms of software just can't provide.

This is a powerful tool for companies in the technical and manufacturing sectors that require business management applications that provide superior value. This is found in useful functions including electronic alerts, a deep integration with Microsoft Office, workflows, relationship maps and more.

Sage 300

For growing small to medium businesses that require more advanced ERP solutions than Australia's basic entry level packages, Sage 300 manages larger data volumes and more users.

Discover simpler ways and more advanced capabilities to take care of a variety of business processes through automation and streamlining. Sage 300 allows greater control and oversight for managers and is available in a size to suit most businesses. Select from the small, medium or advanced suite and you'll find that a wide range of industries can benefit from improved management processes.

What do you Need from CitySoft Business Software Solutions?

Small to medium-sized businesses that are experiencing growth can adopt advanced software systems to manage processes across one or multiple sites, along with superior management solutions and intelligence software.

CitySoft offers full service and support for business systems and software products, so businesses can rely on cloud software, reporting and business intelligence from a leading SAGE business partner.

Whatever your industry, integrate specific and relevant software and experience a more streamlined day-to-day running of your business.

CitySoft is based in Australia, but we provide ERP solutions to businesses all over the world. Contact us to find out more.