SAP business One & Sage 300

SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are advanced business software systems sold and supported by CitySoft and designed, positioned and priced for mature and growing SME’s. 

SAP Business One & SAGE 300 sit above basic tier 4 entry-level accounting and business software systems. SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are defined as tier 3 software systems.

Mature and growing SME’s typically purchase or subscribe to either SAP Business One or Sage 300 when their entry level package no longer meets their technical and or functional needs or their current advanced business system is at end of life.

Despite the fact SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are both positioned in the SME space they exhibit very different profiles offering different industries and company types vastly different solutions. CitySoft, as product experts, help prospective clients fully evaluate the relative fit and suitability of one or both of these tier 3 products.