SAP Business One & Sage 300

SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are advanced business software systems sold and supported by CitySoft and designed, positioned and priced for mature and growing SMB’s. 

SAP Business One & SAGE 300 sit above basic tier 4 entry-level accounting and business software systems. SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are defined as tier 3 software systems.

Mature and growing SMB’s typically purchase or subscribe to either SAP Business One or Sage 300 when their entry level package no longer meets their technical and or functional needs or their current advanced business system is at end of life.

Despite the fact SAP Business One & SAGE 300 are both positioned in the SMB space they exhibit very different profiles offering different industries and company types vastly different solutions. CitySoft, as product experts, help prospective clients fully evaluate the relative fit and suitability of one or both of these tier 3 products.

The SMB market place is broadly defined as businesses turning over $5 M AUD to around $30 m AUD p.a. albeit some businesses due to business simplicity are adequately serviced by basic accounting software and some larger concerns may have industry demands and business process complexities that require the use of more sophisticated software designed for SME’s despite the fact that they fit into the SMB revenue category. CitySoft work with executives to select the most appropriate software from our world class software offerings.

CitySoft are Sage & SAP Business Management Software Consultants

Advanced Business Management Software

CitySoft sells and supports leading ERP software systems to Australian and International businesses. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software offers a simple way for organisations to best manage their vital business processes.

CitySoft provide business system solutions built using world-class ERP software and technology platforms that help companies and enterprises run simple yet effectively in today’s digital world.

Businesses choose ERP solutions from CitySoft because they deliver strong investment returns and represent excellent value. That is why we have developed a global reputation for the solutions and support we provide to small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and small to medium sized Businesses (SMB’s).

CitySoft's Key Business Software Solutions

CitySoft represent three powerful and advanced ERP software systems. We know from experience and from our satisfied clients around the world how transformative these applications can be, even for the most demanding business conditions.

Using the same market definition used in a Gartner Report published on the 29th May 2018 the advanced business software systems represented by CitySoft are designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized enterprises with annual revenue from $50 million to $1 Billion (SME’s) and companies with annual revenue from $5 million to $50 Million (SMB’s).

Sage Enterprise Management

Sage Enterprise Management is one of our advanced business management applications, developed by Sage for small to medium-sized enterprises. (SME’s) Enterprises that consist of multiple sites, or companies and or who operate in multiple countries will benefit from using Sage Enterprise Management.

Sage Enterprise Management is an all in one advanced business software system available in various suites including for enterprises requiring advanced financial management capabilities, wholesale distribution concerns, and discrete and process manufacturers. Sage Enterprise Management is Web native and designed to support thousands of concurrent system users.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One provides growing small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) a more complete business software system than entry level accounting systems that often promise plenty but fail to adequately meet the needs of growing SMB’s. SAP Business One also provides mature SMB’s using older outdated business software a modern all in one system that boasts sophistication, flexibility and an easy to use interface that allows businesses to run simple, lean and effectively.

SAP Business One represents outstanding value for money when compared to other software systems marketed to SMB’s. It is suitable for a range of industries including wholesalers, technical service providers and manufacturers. SAP Business One includes a host of functions including electronic alerts, deep integration with Microsoft Office, workflows, relationship maps and more that help drive productivity and profits.

Sage 300

Sage 300 advanced business software, developed for both growing small to medium businesses (SMB’s) and mature SMB’s, is a true multi-user system offering advanced business system functionality for a number of industries. An extensive range of optional modules support three Sage 300 editions created for different sized SMB’s enabling companies to create powerful Sage 300 business system solutions that deliver long term investment value.

The Web user interface and Web enabled technology supports a modern mobile business and the inclusion of the optional Sage CRM system with its deep Sage 300 integration creates a functionally rich, technically sound and low cost business system for SMB’s.

CitySoft - Simplicity | Agility | Innovation | Integrity | Trust

CitySoft offers a full suite of project and support services for the advanced business software systems we represent. We also provide a range of cloud, reporting and business intelligence services that help our clients gain business insight, to run simple, to be agile and to achieve their business goals.

CitySoft delivers innovative, cost effective advanced business software solutions built on trust and integrity.

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