Become more efficient

Mid-sized businesses using Sage X3 are successfully driving down costs and improving customer service levels.  Sage X3’s ease of use, simple navigation represented through visual processes that are also referred to as a job on a page, and deep and effective integration with Microsoft productivity tools all combine to help staff operate more effectively and efficiently.  Simple screen design capabilities produce optimized data entry outcomes and support intuitive data views that help managers make timely informed decisions. Of course alerts, workflows and electronic approvals and customizable home pages with live graphical representations allow management to manage by exception freeing up staff and managers to focus more on income generating tasks and customer service activities over data capture, manipulation and data preparation tasks that less capable systems demand.

Every one of your business processes from adding prospects in Sage X3 CRM, through to procurement, sales management, manufacturing, technical service delivery, stock control and people management can be optimized in Sage X3. Sage X3 makes information available to your staff when and where they need it.  As a Web native application staff can access Sage X3 on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere making your workforce even more productive.

Business efficiencies appear in many guises with integration & automation top of the list.  The one database multi-entity and multi-site design of Sage X3 streamlines an enterprises inter-entity and inter-site trade processes with automated sales order - purchase order creation between sites and companies. Other Sage X3 capabilities for driving business efficiencies include EDI functionality, radio frequency warehouse management, document and file management, self-service portals, and eCommerce integration and mapping.