With the right payroll & HR system the person or people you employ to process your payroll could be freed up to also work on other business tasks of benefit to your business.

For instance they could be helping with new staff inductions, rostering and HR matters rather than focusing on repetitive payroll tasks. Free up your payroll staff with Wage Easy Payroll HR. Wage Easy Payroll HR has been specifically designed for Australian, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinean employment conditions. Simple to use yet effective at quickly processing payroll and managing the HR requirements of SME’s regardless of their mix of casual, part time and full time staff.

Reduce the time and cost of payroll

If payroll processing is costing you time and money, you need Wage Easy. Wage Easy will drastically improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce the time required to complete repetitive and time-consuming payroll tasks.

Equally important is the fact Wage Easy Payroll HR was designed to be intuitive, and easy-to-use. Wage Easy Payroll – HR integrates with the general ledger of ERP systems such as SAP Business One and Sage 300 reducing the administrative effort of recording payroll accruals information in your finance system.

A payroll solution for almost every business type

With acceptance across a wide range of customers and industry sectors, Wage Easy is the ‘payroll solution of choice’ for Australian SMEs. Wage Easy is widely used by Australian retailers, in the hospitality sector, by the medical/health care sector, nonprofit – disability and community services sector, construction and manufacturing. Wage Easy has built a reputation for ease of use, efficiency and accuracy in payroll and HR processing. Here are just a few benefits of using Wage Easy HR:

• Integrated all in one payroll and HR system
• Streamlined payroll allowance and deduction manager
• Rapidly and automatically calculate employee pays
• Collate time sheets remotely for automatic processing
• Flexible and comprehensive reporting
• Automate EFT transfers to banks, super funds, the ATO, child support and other deductions or salary packaging items
• Professional training and Help Desk support availability
• Multi-user access
• Comprehensive security protection
• General Ledger integration

Wage Easy will grow with your business

Wage Easy is designed to grow with your business. A feature-rich core product and smart add-on options mean seamless management as your employee base increases or your business needs mature. Self service kiosks, electronic time sheets, time and attendance device integration and other people management interfaces make Wage Easy a cost effective application for SME’s.