SAP Business One ERP Software For Australian SME's

When an Australian small to medium enterprise (SME) out grows their existing accounting and business software its time to start exploring ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

Unlike accounting software solutions, ERP software is designed to collect, store, manage and interpret data from a far broader set of business activities including process and discrete manufacturing, service delivery, marketing and sales, advanced inventory management, and warehouse management.

The benefit of this ‘global’ or ‘enterprise-wide’ view is greater efficiency, and better planning, budgeting and resource management, all of which are essential to an SME with growth and expansion ambitions.

What’s new in SAP Business One product update 9.3

There is a lot to like about where SAP are taking SAP Business One. Once simply an application, albeit a very clever all in one system for growing small to medium sized businesses, SAP Business One has evolved into a development platform supporting all levels of development, integration and business process improvement. As a result the ISV eco-system has flourished and now boasts a wide array of quality independent software vendor applications to enhance the core SAP Business One application. The SAP Business One technology platform including its mobile platform provides companies with a modern secure application designed for the Web and use on mobile devices.

SAP continue to evolve the SAP Business One application on a technical and on a functional basis. Updates ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems and functionality expansions have become an expected inclusion in every SAP Business One update. The latest update won’t disappoint.

Companies looking to migrate from an entry level system such as QuickBooks, MYOB or Xero or the older packages such as Sage 300, Attaché, Greentree, Sybiz or CBA systems will find the useability and value proposition SAP Business One represents, quite compelling.

SAP Business One now supports a web client connection.

Why CitySoft recommend SAP Business One for SMEs

As an Australian SME you need an ERP solution that provides you with the efficiency of an enterprise-wide solution without the associated costs so you can compete with much larger global competitors with only a fraction of their resources. SAP Business One is such a solution. SAP Business One is a mature ERP software solution for SME’s used by over 45,000 organisations around the globe.

Why SAP Business One is so cost effective

SAP Business One was designed from the outset to be one of the world’s most cost effective SME ERP software solutions. The SAP Business One ecosystem provides SMEs with a robust ERP system with essential business wide functionality and the capacity to adapt and expand to the individual needs of a specific business or industry.

The SAP Business One platform supports the development of industry and solution-specific modules which dramatically expand the capabilities of SAP Business One. The SAP Business One ecosystem includes industry specific solutions such as Batchmaster for Process manufacturers in chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food and beverage production. Batchmaster is just one of the industry specific solutions that has helped turn SAP Business One into the leading SME ERP software solution around the globe.

Different deployment options

SAP Business One can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud, using SAP Business One for HANA.

With SAP Business One, you have the choice of purchasing a perpetual software license or opting for a pay as you go rental or (SaaS) arrangement.

Grow with your business

The average Australian SME remains with the same ERP solution for up to 10 years, which is 2 to 3 times longer than the average business plan. The question that needs to be asked is ‘how can I predict the needs of my business in 10 years. The answer is you can’t, which is why you need an ERP software solution that expands to meet your changing needs. SAP Business One is an ERP software solution designed to expand to meet the needs of your evolving business. Start ups and small SME’s can start with the SAP Business One Starter kit and seamlessly expand up to the full SAP Business One suite

A single source of truth

Consider the efficiencies your business could achieve with an enterprise-wide software solution. Imagine also the operational and financial visibility such a solution could deliver you. This is the promise of SAP Business One. Say goodbye to silos of information held in archaic systems that don’t integrate and imperfect reporting that diverts the attention of your executives toward preparing report packs rather than interpreting reporting data. With SAP Business One, you will achieve business-wide efficiencies that better utilize your valuable resources.

Improve efficiency and profitability through automation

Automating repetitive tasks is just the start of how SAP Business One can help you streamline business processes and improve business efficiency. SAP Business One provides visual business process work flows, intuitive inquiries, on screen drag and relate analysis, interactive dashboards, alerts and document management as standard functionality. SAP Business One also allows you to add EDI, RF warehousing, mobility and a host of capabilities that remove manual effort.

Improved communication

Whether you’re seeking innovative new ways to reach new customers or better ways to service existing customers, SAP Business One can adapt to your specific needs. The same is true of communicating with Suppliers.

With SAP Business One, you have a centralised solution to manage and record all communications as part of the ERP eco-system. The built in CRM functionality will serve not only your sales department but accounts, procurement and customer service staff where recording and storage of communications and documents and the automation of reminders assist with selling, debt collection, paying and procuring stock and services and delivery of customer service.

Mobile business

If you are like most Australian SMEs, you are looking for ways to improve the capacity and efficiency of your people in the field. SAP Business One provides you with these capabilities.

The SAP Business One license provides system users with a free sales and service app for secure mobile access so when staff are working off site they can access key business information including client and accounting data through their Apple and Android devices as well as processing various sales and service business transactions.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Military advisers say, ‘a general in the field is only as good as his intelligence.’ The same is true of management. SME business managers need better reporting and analytics if they want to improve decision-making and planning. SAP Business One will provide you and your people with improved enterprise-wide reporting and analytics, all of which can be customised to meet your individual needs. SAP Business One is renowned for its interactive dash boards, mobile reporting capabilities and ease of use in particular SAP Business One for HANA with its in memory computing and remarkable delivery of live data.