SAGE 300

Sage 300 is an advanced business software system, positioned above the basic entry level software packages that are available in the market place, offering growing small to medium sized enterprises more advanced capabilities to better manage their many and varied business processes.

Sage 300 helps companies operate more efficiently and profitably by automating & streamlining business processes, and providing managers and owners with greater control and business oversight. Sage 300 better manages bigger data volumes, more users and more sophisticated business processes and exchanges with suppliers, customers and third parties than entry level software designed for basic small businesses.

Sage 300 is available as either a small, advanced and premium suite and suits a wide range of industries including wholesalers, on line retailers, technical and professional service providers, and various manufacturing modes.

Optionally, Sage 300 can be combined with Sage CRM for brilliant 360 degree management of clients, suppliers and prospects.

Hundreds of optional Sage 300 extension modules exist to provide companies with best of breed capabilities inside the Sage 300 eco-system.

Sage 300 uses Sage Intelligence, a business intelligence tool that uses Microsoft Excel as the user interface.  Both Sage 300 operational and financial data is presented in Microsoft Excel  giving managers great visibility into the performance of their business.

The current Sage 300 release is Sage 300 2018 edition.

The system licenses can be subscribed to or purchased and the software can be deployed on premise or in the Cloud. Sage 300 is scalable and boasts a foot print containing deep and broad functional capabilities to help mature and growing SME’s succeed in today’s digital economy.