Sage 300 is a best of breed advanced software system for small to medium sized businesses. Sage 300 is an attractive option for companies who have outgrown their entry level basic accounting system, be that cloud or on-premise.

Generally speaking the basic systems don’t perform adequately as a business grows as they lack controls, usually don’t manage multiple stock locations very well or at all and don’t manage larger data volumes that more users typical create. They also fail to manage more sophisticated business processes relying on third party systems for functionality bets handled in a single system and not across two or more system. Integration is also often quite clumsy leading to unnecessary administrative overhead to maintain the connections.

A Sage 300 system suits companies who have outgrown their entry level basic accounting system but whose size and business sophistication does not support an investment in the more expensive and elaborate software for mid-sized enterprises. SAGE 300 is a leading scale up package for companies coming off basic entry level business software.

The Sage 300 release 2018 screens have been largely rewritten to permit Web client access albeit the latest release is still a work in progress with respect to some of the Web screens and optional modules such as the projects and jobs module.

Sage 300 can be purchased under a perpetual license agreement or subscribed to. It’s licensing and technology supports both a private cloud or on premise deployment.

Sage 300 software

If you’re an Australian SME looking to become more efficient and profitable and you need to be competitive globally, Sage 300 is the right solution for you. Sage 300 software can deliver many of the efficiencies and benefits of a large ERP solution, at a fraction of the cost. Sage 300 software can also improve business efficiency through automation, informed decision-making and better collaboration between staff, suppliers and customers. Sage 300 automation creates options for your organisation to either reduce staffing levels or redeploy staff to income generating activities.

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Sage CRM

Sage CRM is an easy to use, affordable sales force automation tool that helps your small to medium enterprise acquire new customers, as well as retain and meet the expectations of existing customers. With Sage CRM, you can engage in a timely and meaningful manner with prospects, customers or business contacts, and enhance collaboration between teams. Sage CRM makes this possible by integration with your existing SME ERP solution, such as Sage 300 or SAP Business One. Sage CRM is a professional Customer Relationship Management solution for small to medium enterprises serious about their customers and clients.

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Sage 300 Extensions

Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac) is one of Australia’s most respected SME ERP solutions, delivering many of the efficiencies and benefits of a large ERP solution but at a fraction of the cost. Sage 300 Extensions allow you to extend its capabilities into Business Intelligence, advanced warehouse integration, e-commerce, asset management, productivity tools, POS and service management.

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