The PDMX Suite for SAP Business One consists of three main product groups.

Advanced warehousing with functionality to suit food processors and food and beverage wholesalers & distributors

A production management system for the produce and food industry

Advanced manufacturing software for discrete manufacturers including shop floor mobility

Produmex Advanced Warehousing for Business One

A comprehensive warehouse system. The system is designed for companies using SAP Business One ERP who are either food processors, and or food and beverage wholesalers & distributors. The Produmex warehouse system recognizes and manages lots, batches, sizes, qualities and use by dates and complies with the product traceability initiative (PTI) for case level traceability. It also manages GS1 standards and barcoding. SAP Business One includes a neat pick and pack capability however larger wholesale distribution businesses or companies with advanced warehousing needs looking for an advanced warehouse management system should look no further than Produmex for SAP B1.

Produmex PDMX suite offers companies radio frequency (RF) warehouse management including GS-1 barcode label management, license plates and:

  • Industry support (including food, life sciences, telecom, consumer goods, third party logistics, wholesale and distribution) through specific product characteristics (Item Master Data) and process flows

    Transparent and SAP certified integration of business processes with production and logistics operations on the shopfloor and in the warehouse

  • Complete inbound and outbound logistics functions

  • Extension of SAP Business One production execution capabilities

  • Extensive quality management at all stages of logistics and production

  • Full traceability at item level, batch or serial number based

  • Audit trail for regulated industries

  • Intuitive and flexible organisation of warehouse and production operations

  • EDI support for inbound and outbound logistics processes

  • Delivery route planning

  • Intuitive operator RF terminals and Touch Screens for warehouse and production operations


Produmex production management system for SAP Business One

A production management system for the produce and food industry that spans the entire supply chain, from planning and sourcing to delivering and invoicing. It supports all relevant inbound, internal and outbound logistics functions, as well as production and packaging operations. It’s Catch Weight Management and support for two independent units of measure (for example piece and kilogram) across the entire supply chain makes Produmex an ideal partner for SAP Business One ERP and companies working with proteins such as seafood, lamb, pork, beef and chicken and those working with nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits. The system expands SAP B1 by adding functionality that manages a wide variety of business processes and information capture needs at a food and beverage producer, manufacturer and distributor including catch weight, GS-1 labels, and SSCC labels, FEFO stock management, route management and proof of delivery. The system has micro vertical application for industries including commercial bakers and bottlers.

Produmex for Discrete Manufacturers using SAP Business One

The Produmex discrete manufacturing suite is a fully automated manufacturing resource management solution that extends SAP Business One with the concept of manufacturing resources such as work centers, tools and employees. These resources are implemented through the entire production process, from capacity calendars and homogenous resource management to automated scheduling, MRP2, delay management and manual or semi-automatic rescheduling.

Produmex Advanced Manufacturing comes with a Manufacturing Cost Calculation module. This highly flexible and integrated calculation engine can be used to calculate estimated (BoM-based) prices and actual production costs (production orders). The add-on is fully compatible with the make to order (MTO) planning solution of Produmex and can easily be extended by adding the shop floor integration solutions from Produmex.

The key product capabilities include-

  • MRP2 with customizable fully automated resource scheduling

  • Various scheduling methods including backward form due date and forward scheduling

  • Operations integrated with SAP Business One standard production orders

  • Parallel, overlapping, breakable operations are supported

  • Allocation windows, setup, job, before and after times are supported

  • Homogenous resource management

  • One resource can be a member of multiple groups

  • Multi-dimensional resource scheduling: machines, skill matrix of labor, and tool availability

  • Cost calculation for BoMs and production orders

  • Storage of BOM results of all calculations are automatically stored and ready for analysis

  • Graphical job scheduling control panel for monitoring operations for different resources

  • Drag & drop manual rescheduling, semi-automatic rescheduling

  • Production management cockpit to release, close, reschedule one or an arrays of production orders with a single click

  • Customizable job requirements report with barcodes

  • ’Available to Promise’ date calculation for sales orders

  • Outsourced manufacturing are supported


Produmex Simple warehouse and shop floor mobility

Growing small to medium sized companies who wish to include mobility into their warehouse(s) and onto the shop floor but without launching into an advanced warehouse and shop floor system can add Produmex Scan, an easy to use, fully functional real time mobile barcode scanning solution for warehouse workers and or use the Produmex Operator module, a simple mobile solution to capture work hours and materials for manufacturing, service and project based businesses.