The Boyum Pack through a series of modules allows you to easily add features to SAP Business One, further streamlining your business in a highly intuitive and user friendly way. You can activate one, or as many of the modules you would like, and apply them to the Boyum Pack.


B1UP allows you to customise SAP Business One screens and menus to suit your needs, saving you and your colleague’s time. No need for a developer, automate your work in creating new workflow and business rules and reduce errors.


With this advanced Crystal Report integration, users are able to email marketing documents and Account statements from SAP Business One, saving a lot of time. With just one click of the mouse create, save, print & email any document type from within SAP Business One. Customisable templates are created using Crystal Reports so all the documents are branded with your company logo and using your chosen corporate layout.


Optimise project and resource management, manage costs effectively and gain clearer insight into how your employees work day is split up, or for billing purposes. Tasks can be created and assigned to one or more employees to register time against the chosen tasks. Combined with the B1 Print & Delivery module all invoices can be automatically emailed to the relevant customers.


Connect SAP Business One to the MailChimp online marketing platform for designing and sending email marketing campaigns, update contacts in your subscriber lists directly from business partner contacts in SAP Business One and view statistical reports.


Monitor attached files for sales and purchase documents more closely, and enrich them with associations to SAP Business One documents, profit centres, projects etc. B1 Document Manager can take over the entire document attachment process, giving you the option to control each of the delivery methods (Print, Show, Email, PDF and add document).


Budgets in SAP Business One are made on accounts, extend making budgets on customers and items and run budget reports detailing Management and Sales, identifying which parts of the business are on budget and which are not.

Other Stand-alone add-ons from Boyum for SAP Business One

CRM for Outlook

Sales, support and management are able to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time and increasing user adoption of SAP Business One. Directly from Outlook update a business opportunity on a lead or see the most recent sales to a customer. You effectively have a CRM cockpit in Outlook saving hours looking for vital information in separate areas of SAP Business One.

B1 iPayment

With this new add-on store credit card information and process credit card payments from within SAP Business One. No more giving information over the phone or manual data entry. Send your customers a link to a web page where they can enter their card details in a fully secured, compliant environment. These details are automatically updated in SAP Business One.

BEAS Manufacturing

Leading independent software vendor (ISV) Boyum has acquired BEAS, producers of discrete and process manufacturing software for SAP Business One. BEAS has a footprint in the machinery, plastics & metal processing, chemical, food and beverage and packaging industries. Boyum has proven to be one of SAP’s leading ISV’s and will inevitably make BEAS a viable option in this region where previously this hasn’t been the case.