Process manufacturers have unique business requirements that most business software systems fail to account for.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One, provides companies with a single unified business system for all their business processes across manufacturing, procurement, accounting, and distribution. Built using the SAP Business One tool kit, BatchMaster deals with the specific business information requirements at a process manufacturer and it provides this specialised functionality ‘out of the box’, Solution capabilities include:

  • • The ability to produce multiple products from the one "super" batch
  • • Weight and volume conversions
  • • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • • Integrated product research and development
  • • Lot traceability
  • • Forward & Backward traceability & recall capabilities
  • • Quality control
  • • Flexible batch sizing and planning
  • • Ability to apply substitutions on the factory floor
  • • Flexible sales returns, reworks, write offs and disposal of expired goods
  • • FEFO, FIFO, Batch and Lot management
  • • Utilize bar-codes and Radio Frequency technologies to pick, pack and receive raw and finished goods.
  • • Supports modern mobile RF warehouse devices for a paperless warehouse.

The fact BatchMaster has been developed using the SAP Business One development tool kit means growing small to medium sized businesses and many mid-sized process manufacturing enterprises can enjoy the benefits of operating a single integrated system across their entire business.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One handles, and importantly accounts for, constant and variable wastage amounts, variable yields and fractional quantities requirements standard accounting – business systems fail to handle eloquently if at all.

MPS scheduling & MRP functionality combined with lot and batch tracking & quality control measures at various stages of production lead to companies who use BatchMaster for SAP Business One reducing their overall product wastage & stock write offs, improves their cash flow by better scheduling purchase orders and quantities and helps optimize production runs into manageable, logical and measurable work orders.  

The target audience for BatchMaster for SAP Business One is Process Manufacturers, companies dealing with formulas or recipes. BatchMaster for SAP Business One is suitable for food and beverage manufacturers across the many and varied segments such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers, fruit juice, dairy and carbonated beverage manufacturers, prepared meals, convenience foods, soup, muesli and cereal manufacturers, health food (And nutraceutical products such as protein shakes, vitamin and mineral blends and herbal supplements) and confectionery producers. BatchMaster for SAP Business One is also suitable for companies working with chemicals where they create products based on formulas and which in turn may entail handling of dangerous goods and creation of safety data sheets (SDS). Some of the chemical based industries using BatchMaster for SAP Business One include paints and coatings, personal care and cosmetics and industrial cleaning products. 

Industries where BatchMaster for SAP Business One offers a complete business solution to include:

Consumer Products

  • • Food & Beverage
  • • Personal Care
  • • Pet food

Building Products

  • • Non-metallic minerals
  • • Petroleum and coal products

Life Sciences

  • • Biotechnology
  • • Chemicals
  • • Medical products
  • • Medicinal & Botanicals
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Animal health products
  • • Nutraceuticals


  • • Rubber & plastic products
  • • Food & Beverage additives