CitySoft has added Qlik® to its BI suite which includes SAP Lumira, Nectari (Sage SEI), Sage Intelligence, and SAP Crystal products.

According to BI consultant Allan Smallie, Qlik® rounds out the CitySoft BI offer. “Qlik® provides companies brilliant visual analytics via an intuitive user interface. Our team have already delivered a number of exciting Qlik® projects.” 


Business Intelligence and data management which enables you to explore vast amounts of data with Intuitive analytics to create personalised reports and dashboards

Qlik Sense®

Let your instinct lead the way in creating visual dashboards simply and intuitively.

Qlik Sense® allows you to rapidly create visualisations, reveal connections, explore data and see opportunities from every angle ensuring accuracy and reliability of data and analytics.

In exploring the data you can understand what is happening and why. Vast amounts of data from multiple sources can be seamlessly navigated, enabling you to share your insights accurately and visually with the assurance that the commentary, analysis and content are based on reliable governed data.

  • • Drag and Drop to create compelling visualisations and reveal hidden insights
  • • Smart Search connects the dots uncovering data relationships
  • • Multiple data sources in a single app without compromising performance
  • • Access analytics anywhere, anytime, on any device helping you respond in real time
  • • Rich data storytelling helps you collaborate and share insights reducing delays in decision making
  • • Governed data enables self-service simplicity

Qlik View®

Empower business users by driving innovative decision making with the QlikView Business Discovery platform delivering true self-service Business Intelligence.

QlikView® helps you understand your business in brand new ways

  • • Consolidate relevant data into a single application from multiple sources
  • • Explore the associations in your data
  • • Enable social decision making through secure real-time collaboration
  • • Visualise data with state of the art graphics
  • • Search across all data directly and indirectly
  • • Interact with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
  • • Access, analyse and capture data from mobile devices

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