Swift Page (Sage CRM eMkt)

A small number of excellent Sage CRM extension modules exist to expand out the core functionality of Sage CRM.

Swift Page is a leading SaaS email marketing system that is available to Sage CRM users. It can run stand-alone or as a tightly integrated solution with Sage CRM.

Sage CRM (eMkt) is the integrated Swift Page – Sage CRM system that delivers companies powerful Google analytics, the ability to reach out to prospects and customers using persuasive HTML emails, and the ability to incorporate social media in your marketing for amplification of your message.

With Sage CRM eMkt create target lists to market to, use drip marketing to progress prospective customers through the sales cycle, provide email links to landing pages and include PDF’s in your email campaigns to increase your stickiness and to promote your message.

Professional Services (TBR Module)

Configured to meet the needs of a professional services organization Sage CRM time billing and resources (TBR) provides controls over billable and non-billable work, management approvals, and budget and actual reports and dashboards to aid with both time management and billings to ensure clients are invoiced correctly and staff can become most productive across a job, a project or on a do and charge basis.

Enbu Project Management

Enbu software has been designed to provide Sage CRM with specialist functionality to manage events, projects, resources and budgets. Enbu Project Management capabilities include timesheets, workflows, project analysis and milestones, all within the Sage CRM environment. 

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