Accelerate your sales performance, gain business insight and grow with Sage CRM 7.3

Sage CRM 7.3 is now available as a stand-alone best of breed CRM system or integrated to Sage advanced business information systems (Sage 300 and Sage Enterprise Management). Sage CRM offers small and medium sized companies the perfect companion to help accelerate sales performance and drive sales productivity.

For Sage clients on earlier releases of Sage CRM the new edition now includes: -

  • • Business accelerators
  • • A new fresh contemporary interface
  • • An optimised user interface displaying more screen real-estate
  • • New and improved reports and dashboards including new graphic displays of data
  • • Even greater flexibility around alerts and notifications
  • • Brilliant Mail Chimp email marketing integration
  • • Enhanced Mobility
  • • New mobile apps for android phones

CitySoft are providing companies powerful business information systems using Sage CRM  as the front end application that drives business processes and presents valuable data to information consumers whether or not that data is generated in Sage CRM or in other applications such as Sage 300c, Technisoft Service Manager, Sage Enterprise Management or non-Sage applications.

The Sage CRM system is the ideal extension to the Sage Enterprise Management and Sage 300 advanced business systems. As a technology platform it is highly configurable however with minimal set up companies will have at their disposal sales force automation (SFA), marketing campaigns,  social media integration, customer self-service, Mail Chimp integration and importantly tight integration with Sage 300 or Sage Enterprise Management advanced business system information including information from customers and suppliers.  The licensing model supports sales staff and service technicians place sales and purchase orders on mobile devices, capture time, consume or sell spare parts & consumables and variously undertake sales and service activities in the field. A number of Sage CRM system extensions make Sage CRM suitable for a host of industries, without any development, including the non-profit sector, training and event based organizations, membership organizations and enterprises operating in the technical services sector.

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