Streamline your warehouse operations with LISA for SAP Business One

LISA WMS for SAP Business One, like Produmex and BatchMaster warehousing systems, provides companies using SAP Business One with more advanced Warehouse Management System capabilities than the pick and pack manager functionality inside the core SAP Business One system.

LISA adds a range of warehouse capabilities such as radio frequency WMS management and License plate management. It connects with SAP Business One in real time for complete data validations and integrity between operations handled by SAP Business One and warehouse transactions handled by LISA. The real time integration is superior to some other similar warehouse systems where they rely on the use of separate databases and synchronization.

CitySoft supports the full LISA warehouse suite consisting of their full LISA Distribution Warehouse system, LISA Express, a cut down version of LISA Distribution and LISA Scanning Starter Pack.  with each option designed to meet the needs of enterprises with advanced multi-site WMS, single site and basic WMS needs.

In addition to Radio Frequency paperless warehouse management of stock processes and license plates LISA deals with containers, multi-slot SKU placement and it handles labels from the SKU level through to SSCC labelling. Of course LISA WMS capabilities such as wave and zone picking introduce warehouse efficiencies and the PDE data capture verification steps ensure accuracy around picking, packing and dispatch, enabling you to challenge claims of short picking and requests for credit note claims. LISA also simplifies container receipting. LISA provides excellent flexibility around SKU location management which feeds into optimized pick path sequences and zone management. Random or fixed product locations in LISA help make your warehouse operation a slick, quick, efficient and effective business unit. 

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