Sage X3 Product Announcements on Wednesday, 24 February 2016

CitySoft are pleased to announce the availability of Proof of delivery, optimized route management and rental system for Sage X3. CitySoft leads the way in ANZ and Asia with respect to delivering advanced Sage X3 business systems to mid-sized enterprises and the addition of these products further demonstrates our commitment to delivering complete Sage X3 systems in particular for wholesale distribution companies.

Rental Management Systems for Sage X3

This product is suitable for companies who rent equipment and for companies who sell advertising space.

The system is built to work inside the Sage X3 framework and as such inherits all the fantastic capabilities inside Sage X3 including:- workflows, alerts, visual processes for ease of navigation and mobility.

The product supports bookings, rental billings, repairs, replacements, scheduled maintenance, QC and pick up scheduling and many more capabilities companies renting equipment or selling advertising space.

Some examples of industries where this product fits include petrochemical storage, transportation and logistics, construction and healthcare. Outdoor signage companies who may build for or own display assets and who sell short or long term advertising space will benefit from an integrated end to end system that manages signage asset construction, rentals and rental contracts, asset maintenance- scheduled and adhoc, recurring invoicing and visually appealing rental availability screens to maximize sales resources ability to cross sell and upsell based on availability and demand

Proof of Delivery

In line with CitySoft’s solution based consulting orientation, the proof of delivery module has been added to our distribution solution suite. With integration with both the Route Optimizer by TBS and Datalinx the best of breed WMS system for Sage X3 CitySoft distribution clients enjoy a true distribution system that addresses they key information management components in a logical integrated manner. The integrated end to end system helps companies tightly control delivery costs, tracks drivers (internal and external drivers) delivery efficiencies and key delivery metric and ensures optimized load and routing including both drop offs and pickups.

Route Optimizer

The Route optimiser module analyses orders to be delivered and your capacity to deliver. Having analysed the data, pick tickets are created for each delivery for each van or truck and in the logical pick sequence to match the planned delivery schedule. WMS pickers using Datalinx handheld PDE devices will complete the pick, verify picks and produce paperwork (Barcode labels & documents) such as manifests, invoices and delivery dockets matching company or agreed client arrangements. Route optimizer will highlight where contract logistics are required. Using the power of Sage X3 consignment note details such as tracking numbers can be feed directly back to the sales documents to help deliver improved customer service with accurate delivery data.