PSC Insurance Group, is a listed international insurance brokerage, providing cost-effective insurance advice and solutions to small-to-medium businesses across Australia, internationally, and now expanding in the UK. They have selected Sage X3 advanced business software to help manage their rapidly expanding enterprise.

CitySoft Business Development Director Chris Purbrick said “The CitySoft Consulting team has an exceptional level of experience and competencies in Sage X3 multi-entity and multi legislation deployments including the optimized use of Sage X3 dimensions, multi-ledgers and pyramids plus consolidated group reporting that satisfies the needs of enterprises such as PSC Insurance Group.

The key Sage X3 product capabilities that resonated most with PSC Insurance group included Sage X3’s work flows, alerts and approval automation capabilities and the attraction of on line Web native access from any device and any browser from anywhere around the globe. Rapid global business growth was placing greater strain on the entry level software systems in use at PSC Insurance Group heightening business risk of data loss and putting stress on company offices charged with producing financial reports and ensuring company compliance.

Enter Sage X3 and CitySoft. CitySoft were able to demonstrate the X3 system’s ability to eliminate processing bottlenecks whilst also improving business process controls, and increasing productivity through better use of data and automation tools.

The security and technology platform upon which Sage X3 is built and which includes secure SSO and Active Directory  compatibility and role based user profiles added a new level of security and control over PSC Insurance’s information.

PSC Insurance will utilize Sage X3’s multi company ledger capabilities to support timely reporting to the ASX whilst also reducing the need for contractors and reducing PSC Insurance’s audit fees. The tax compliance and strong audit controls of Sage X3 were viewed as first class by PSC Insurance Groups system selection panel.

There is an incredibly high degree of fit between PSC Insurance’s business system requirements and the standard core functionality in Sage X3. Sage X3 is a multi company single universe system supporting intercompany transactions for unlimited legal entities. Sage X3 is used by several large insurance companies around the globe so PSC Insurance were comfortable that the system would also work for them.

The ability to manage multiple companies, and sites (offices) across multiple legislations, using multiple currencies plus the existence of a third reporting currency if required makes Sage X3 ideal for companies such as PSC Insurance who operate across multiple geographic regions and who operate significant numbers of legal entities within a Group. The ease of eliminating, consolidating, and viewing group data from any conceivable angle makes Sage X3 ideal for companies such as PSC Insurance. The easy slicing and dicing of data for analytical purposes from a financial, statistical and operational perspective permits mid-sized enterprises to quickly and easily interrogate business performance, seek out opportunities and address possible challenges before they either evaporate or grow in significance.

The insurance industry deals with a plethora of documents that can be securely stored in Sage X3 using the advanced document and file management functionality. The storage of files and documents in Sage X3 positively impacts the time staff would otherwise require to find physical copies of documents to verify data or respond to various requests.

Sage X3’s fixed assets management covering both the physical asset registry and statutory asset accounting will be utilized by PSC Insurance Group.

Nectari Business Intelligence (Sage Enterprise Intelligence SEI) will be used to create financial reports for PSC Insurance using the Excel Add in module with data extractor, SQL Query, Crystal Reports, Dashboard designer and the cash flow reporter, all part of the core Sage X3 foot print, used across PSC insurance for various operational, financial and analytical purposes. Sage X3 presents data in intuitive graphical and traditional reporting formats with brilliant drill down to source data product features that will be heavily utilized at PSC Insurance.

CitySoft will host PSC Insurance’s Sage X3 subscription based licenses utilizing Australian based data centre resources. The licensing flexibility and deployment options for Sage X3 make it far more attractive to mid-sized enterprises than public cloud offers where choice and flexibility are far from guaranteed commodities.

GROW Forward with CitySoft and Sage X3

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