Karma Group choose Sage X3 from Asia’s leading Sage X3 partner CitySoft Asia Pte

29 May 2017

Karma Group, an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offering extraordinary accommodation in some of the world’s most beautiful locations like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, France, Germany and England, has...

What more does Datalinx offer over the Sage X3 ADC license

12 May 2017

The Sage ADC warehouse license adds mobility to a warehouse (s) allowing warehouse staff to carry out a range of warehouse processes using mobile PDE units and barcodes. The ADC licensing essentially confirms what you already know – what to...

Datalinx New Release Highlights

10 May 2017

Datalinx New Release Highlights

The latest release from Datalinx Advanced Warehouse Management for Sage X3 includes the following enhancements.


  • Support for the standard...

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services

27 April 2017

CitySoft has acquired a majority shareholding in a Cloud IT and managed services business Cue-IT https://www.cueit.com.au/  with a view to expanding our product and service offering to our clients....

Sage X3 Win story

12 January 2017

PCM Middle East FZE http://www.pcm.eu/en a member of the PCM Group, has engaged CitySoft UAE, http://www.citysoft.ae/  as experts in the Sage X3 manufacturing suite, to...