CitySoft is helping food and beverage process manufacturers deal with a wide variety of challenges such as; wastage | by-products | co-products | MRP | MPS | warehousing | catch weight | GS-1 bar-codes | SSCC labels| QC | CMMS | Recipes | proof of delivery | EDI | run management | Exporting | CRM | and accounting in an integrated and affordable system.

Some of the industries that a SAP Business One solution will satisfy include: 

  • Commercial bakeries

  • Contract manufacturers

  • Beverage manufacturers (carbonated, alcoholic, sports and fruit juices)

  • Wholesale fresh and frozen meat, fish, and poultry suppliers,

  • Manufacturers of chilled prepared meals, sauces, & dips

  • Manufacturers of dairy products

  • General Food manufacturers

SAP Business One is a cost effective all in one advanced business software system for businesses in start-up mode through to mature and growing small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) looking to expand profitably. Multiple licensing and deployment options make SAP Business One an affordable system for all start-ups and established SMB’s, and with the inclusion of BatchMaster or Produmex for SAP Business One in their SAP ecosystem solution, process manufacturers can in the one integrated system, manage accounting, distribution and procurement whilst also managing the typical legislative and compliance matters facing process manufacturers.

Some of the process manufacturing specific matters dealt with by CitySoft include: 


CitySoft Consulting Group are provide food and beverage producers solutions that manage first expire first out (FEFO) stock management and in store best before parameterization to ensure supply of goods that meet the customers’ requirements on days to expire / stock shelf life.

Traceability & recall

Strong batch and lot tracking of raw and finished goods permits manufacturers to quickly identify who to contact in the case of a recall. The built in CRM functionality supports a rapid response electronically and by phone and allows non-conforming raw and finished goods to be quarantined.

Nutritional Information Panels (NIPS)

BatchMaster for SAP Business One supports the production of a nutritional information panel. The system also produces a certificate of analysis (CoA)


Producers of beverages using the BatchMaster for SAP Business One system can manage multiple units of measure relating to fluids such as silo’s, tanks, and litres. The system can calculate excise duty.

Fast Sales Order entry

SAP Business One provides SME’s a fast – really fast order entry system and an easy to follow CRM system that makes it simple for system users to process in bound orders and work through outbound call lists.

Mobility, Proof of Delivery and Route management

The SAP mobile App provides sales and delivery people access to the right customer, sales and account information to efficiently and effectively sell and service clients. The Ric Group POD and Produmex’s route management module for SAP Business One provide sign on glass and simple yet effective route management to help companies track, monitor and manage transport costs.