Using barcodes with SAP Business One

The RIC Group’s WMS system for businesses using SAP Business One supports both multiple bins and

GS-1 barcode standards. It also prints all SSCC labels according to GS-1 Australia requirements including GS1-13 Barcodes for products and ITF-14 Barcodes for carton labels. It enables customers to use mobile RF technologies in the warehouse for picking and packing, goods receiving, stocktaking, stock transfers, proof of delivery and run management. The software runs on a Windows Mobile 6.5 device.

The system supports multiple PDA's simultaneously and a warehouse bin location strategy. A warning sounds on the PDA when a picker try’s to over-pick or if the sales order isn't fully supplied. It works wirelessly and the Sales Order is updated in SAP Business One and a Delivery Document is created once the user has completed picking the order.

The product supports EDI and serial and batch numbers. It also supports random weight barcodes, TUN (carton) barcodes and pallet barcodes. It also supports freight integration with Toll Group, Star Track, eParcel (Australia Post), and IFS.