So what constitutes a Sage X3 solution for food and beverage producers, what business processes does it cover and which particular benefits does it promise to deliver you?

The Sage X3 application, as an all in one suite, offers mid sized enterprises or mature SME’s with advanced business information needs, who operate in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, a system that addresses the various F&B process manufacturing business information challenges such as trading electronically with majors (EDI), single and multi-site warehousing (RF warehousing) including management of lots, batches, FEFO, GS1 – 128 & SSCC labels, recipes, revisions, weigh scale integration, packaging, wet and dry goods management, and matters concerning compliance, food labeling, traceability, wastage, by-products, supplier contracts and quality control management.

Major Food & Beverage manufactures using Sage X3

The various Sage X3 core system extensions provide best of breed functionality used by leaders across the F&B industry such as Yoplait, Nestle’s Group, & Kronenbourg Brewery (Carlsberg). The Advanced Product life cycle management product (Lascom PLM) is a specialist PLM product that structures, manages and audits product information and processes from inception through to commercialization including managing R&D, documents, quality, compliance, carbon footprint and supplier collaborations.

The Sage X3 system can be extended by including the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) production management tool from Osys. The MES connector provides real time management of production performance helping management control and analyze real time data from your production facility especially useful when comparing actual production against your Sage X3 budgeted data. The MES software system helps companies better manage costs and improve productivity by optimizing the use of your production equipment and resources (work centres, machines and operators). It helps improve traceability of materials, equipment and resources and with the optional inclusion of Osys Quartis workshop equipment you have a complete MES solution.

DIMO computerized maintenance management system

Unscheduled down time due to production equipment failure can be extremely detrimental to a companies reputation and ability to satisfy customer deadlines. Proper equipment maintenance can extend the economic life of your plant and equipment and can help limit the costs associated with unscheduled down time. The Sage X3 system can be expanded to include DIMO computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software to manage the scheduled maintenance of your plant and equipment including management of spare parts, equipment history, people resources and compliance.

The inclusion of Mapadoc EDI templates and SPS commerce provides F&B manufacturers a complete EDI system and by adding Datalinx WMS to the standard Sage X3 warehouse management system F&B manufacturers have at their disposal an advanced RF WMS system that manages GS1-128 and SSCC labels, pallets, containers and license plates.

The Sage X3 system includes the depth and spread of functionality mid-sized enterprises typically require plus the technology to support mid sized enterprises. The system is designed for enterprises who operate multiple plants, sites and entities and who may operate across multiple countries. The technology is Web native and supports up to and around 2,000 concurrent users with the average client site 55 system users. Companies using Sage X3 benefit from this extensive functionality and technology and the opportunity to connect with these various best of breed system extensions.