The SAP Business One solution for wholesalers

So what does a typical SAP B1 wholesale solution look like?

Your field based sales people will enter sales orders on their mobile device via the SAP mobility App. Customer service and sales people will enter in sales using their limited CRM license and Web orders will automatically update SAP B1. Orders may be checked by admin staff or flow straight through to your warehouse(s) for picking using SAP Standard pick and pack, or RF based LISA WMS, BatchMaster WMS, Produmex PDMX WMS or The RIC Group WMS software.

Your delivery staff may use the RIC Group proof of delivery App to confirm delivery capturing the customers signature on their mobile device in much the same way as we have all become accustomed to when dealing with courier companies.

The SAP Business One wholesale solution from CitySoft provides your business with the ability to provide exceptional service to your clients by making information available to your staff in a timely and accurate manner.

Whilst the core SAP Business One system includes pick and pack serious wholesalers often include specialized radio frequency paperless warehouse software designed for SAP B1 to drive even greater efficiency and productivity in their warehouse operations.

The WMS system extensions for SAP Business One will enable your warehouse to run paperless using RF scanners, using barcodes and to become more productive thanks to improved pick, pack, put-away and dispatch processes in the warehouse. Advanced container receipting, EDI integration, RMA processing and mixed mode picking all extend and enhance the operations in your warehouse. Proper stock management frees up working capital, improves average stock turns and improves customer service levels leading to improved customer loyalty, lower warehousing costs and typically lower overall stock holdings.

The various WMS systems for SAP Business One include capabilities such as multiple bin support, GS1 Standards, are EDI compliant, read and print SSCC labels according to GS1 Australia requirements including GS1-13 Barcodes for products and ITF-14 Barcodes for carton labels. They facilitate scanned pick and pack, goods receiving, stocktaking, stock transfers, proof of delivery and run management.