CitySoft joined Sage Asia as sponsors of the 3rd CFO Innovation Malaysia Forum “Finance, Technology and Regional innovation” held at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur in October.

CitySoft Managing Director Anthony Russo, Sage X3 product head Cindy Tan and Director Marketing and Sales Ian Hill met with both Jeremy Waterman and Keith Fenner, Sage’s big hitters from South Africa responsible for AAMEA and the Sage X3 team based in Malaysia, as part of CitySoft’s continued push into South East Asia.   

The CFO Innovation Forum series has been in operation since 2010, providing a platform for the CFO’s of Asia and other top-senior executives to exchange insights and get to know their peers from across the region. CitySoft presented Sage X3 and Keith Fenner was a guest panelist discussing various IT topics including disruptive technologies.

CitySoft are well placed to capitalize on its early successes in South East Asia with the Sage X3 product especially given recent changes at Sage. CitySoft Director Ian Hill said “Our team consists of consultant’s who are multi-lingual, and highly experienced in doing business in Asia. Our product leader is ex Sage China and our X3 team contains functional and technical consultants from the region.” CitySoft have ambitions to be the dominate Sage X3 partner across South East Asia.