Controlling Labour Costs


Having consulted to, chaired boards and Committees and having worked directly in the hospitality sector, over many years, one of the most studied and considered matters has been the management of labour costs.

The hospitality industry has by and large been slow to adopt all the elements that constitute a complete labour management system instead opting to put in place standalone systems for people management purposes in turn relying upon management effort to pull together data into spreadsheets to enable data to be interpreted and acted upon.

The effort required to pull all the data parts together into a coherent form is generally tedious and open to error.

Integrated systems that encompass and systemize the full labour chain free up management’s time to interpret information rather than spending unproductive time preparing data.

By combining all the labour, service and pay elements into a unified system companies can begin to take control over one of their largest business expenses.

Business processes that can be quickly streamlined using appropriate software include rostering, award interpretation, payroll, HR and inductions. Activities such as the collection of an applicant’s details for possible future employment, job advertisements, rostering staff for legislative compliance whilst minimizing payroll costs and balancing staffing to meet event or service levels, reducing the administrative effort concerning staff inductions and staff qualifications for their assigned role in your business can be automated, calculated and action with minimal effort. Use of email and SMS technology supports timely notification and confirmation of shifts and sharing of pay details.

Unquestionably even with quality systems there is no substitute for experienced managers however even seasoned industry leaders require a system to support both timely and informed decision making.

The systems CitySoft consider when recommending

People solutions include: - Sage Wage Easy, Sage MicrOpay & Connex and HR3 for payroll and HR; Time Target for rostering and T&A purposes. The global Sage X3 HR product will be added in due course.

Each of the products has varying levels of appeal to particular industries. Wage Easy has a significant foot print in hospitality and health care courtesy of its award management capabilities.HR3 and Meridian are positioned from a technology and functionality perspective at mid-sized companies and companies with sophisticated payroll & HR requirements.

The Time & Attendance and Roster systems CitySoft regularly work with include: - Time Target, Roster Live, RosterOn, Bundy Plus and Ritec.

One further segment in the people management market is onboarding and induction systems such as RedSky.

With an increasing number of businesses demanding applications be made available via the Cloud, Sage and others have made available cloud payroll and HR services including payroll bureau services

CitySoft has supplied and supported some of ANZ’s leading restaurant and event businesses with end to end business information systems or parts of an overall system and as prime contractors have overseen the integration of systems to assist companies run lean and fully informed. Some of the reports, integrations and views CitySoft has created for clients include: -

  • Costed rosters dynamically pulling cost rates direct from payroll
  • Actual worked hours vs budgeted rostered hours
  • Automatic staff notification of next shift to be worked
  • Auto up load to payroll of weekly time cards, from latest vein scan technology log on / log off
  • Detailed departmental reports with dollar and percentage analysis MTD YTD LY analysis

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