Sometimes with a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) the day-to-day challenges make it difficult to focus on business opportunities despite the fact that addressing these problems often creates space and time to capitalize on these opportunities.

In many instances SME’s are faced with the problems caused by business software that is unable to accommodate your business growth and the business complexities that come with growth. Inertia and the investment you have made in your current business software can make it difficult to accept that its time to upgrade to an ERP solution, which is better suited to your current needs and growth ambitions.

A desire to grow your business

Chances are that your ambitions to grow, either through acquisition or organically, are being delayed by the shortcomings of your current business software. Your existing accounting software may be unable to support any new subsidiaries or offices across Australia or in multiple countries. Your business needs a new ERP software solution to handle growing numbers of users and transactions.

To help you achieve your growth goals, your new ERP Software solution needs advanced functionality to drive staff productivity, improved reporting and business analytics, CRM, and payroll capabilities and the technology to help you compete in a changing business landscape.

Update inefficient business processes

How much time do your people waste on duplication or repetitive effort? If you’re like most SME’s you have a legacy of performing various business processes inefficiently, exposing your business to data entry errors and adding unnecessary costs to your business. Unproductive processes brought about by the use of older or ineffective business software simply makes your business less competitive. With the right SME ERP software solution, you can reduce duplication and repetition, through data integration and automation.

Reducing costs is a priority

In a globally driven business environment, economic conditions will always be uncertain. This is why it is incumbent on SME business managers to identify ways to reduce their operating costs to shore up profit margins.

The right ERP software solution will allow your business to automate manual business processes and allow staff to focus on exceptions. Providing your staff with the right systems will enable your company to enjoy greater levels of productivity often delaying the need for greater staff numbers despite a growth in transaction volumes.

The right ERP system will help SME’s reduce costs and risks across all your traditional business processes such as purchasing, servicing, manufacturing, logistics and shipping whilst opening up opportunities to incorporate new and improved processes such as eCommerce, advanced sales force automation and mobility, and advanced inventory optimization.

Have you outgrown your business software?

Is the business software you have invested so much time and money in no longer supported, or worse still, end of life with no prospect of new releases so you can stay in touch with changing business demands and technologies?

There are huge business risks associated with unsupported or end of life business software that runs your business. By trading up to a world class ‘best of breed’ ERP software solution, you can access modern functionality, advanced business processes, ongoing upgrades and support. Good managers de-risk their business and an investment in business software from the global leaders implemented by leading consulting firms like CitySoft helps achieve this outcome.

It’s time for Sage 300

If you’re an Australian SME looking to become more efficient and profitable and looking to compete in global markets, Sage 300 is the right solution for you. Sage ERP will deliver many of the efficiencies and benefits of a large ERP solution but at a fraction of the cost.

Improve Efficiency

Sage 300 can improve business efficiency through the introduction of tight integration, automation, improved decision-making and better collaboration between staff, suppliers and customers.

Integration provides actionable business information

Sage 300 can integrate all of your management processes into a single, coherent information system and distribute information in real-time throughout your organisation, wherever it is needed. By sharing data throughout the system, Sage 300 eliminates the need for manual data re-entry, which improves productivity, eliminates lost time, reduces errors, and provides reliable, coherent data.

Automation eliminates manual processes, reducing costs and errors

Sage 300 can automate business processes while providing alerts for exceptions, to allow staff to focus on exceptions. Greater automation allows your organisation to either reduce staffing levels or redeploy staff to income generating activities. Electronic workflows and approval processes, document management and OCR capabilities further support streamlined processes.

Business Intelligence Improves Decisions and Efficiency

When you include Sage 300 Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Alchemex, Nectari or Sage Enterprise Intelligence in your ERP solution you create an opportunity for you and your people to make more informed decisions. Presented graphically and in traditional reporting formats Sage BI enhances display, creation and distribution of valuable business information to both management, and operational staff.

Sage 300 Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow you to eliminate manual processes typically needed to produce reports. Better reporting capabilities allow your people to make better, faster, fact-driven decisions. Rather than focus on collecting the data to produce reports manages can spend time analyzing report information that adds greater value to the business. Companies can also use BI tools to analyze business processes to further improve process efficiencies.

Better Collaboration with suppliers and clients

Sage 300 provides you with the ability to collaborate electronically with partners, suppliers and/or customers. This enables your organisation to manage end-to-end processes with customers and partners in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. With mature EDI integration and advanced inventory management procurement, delivery, and warehousing processes will produce optimized stock holdings and industry leading customer service levels.

Sage 300 provides partners and customers the opportunity to integrate with your businesses’ processes including order placement, requests for service, supplier stock inquiries, production schedules and forecasts leading to improved customer service.

With hundreds of industry specific products written for Sage 300 ERP to extend the business capabilities of the core Sage 300 system, companies investing in Sage 300 have the luxury of knowing that their system can expand out to accommodate almost any business information system need.


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