The biggest challenge for Australian businesses providing technical and professional services is balancing the client’s needs and expectations whilst managing costs and margins.

CitySoft implements Sage X3 Service Management software solutions that streamline business processes, improve stock and people management, and drive business profitability. Equally important, the solutions CitySoft implement are Web native utilizing the latest mobile technologies to assist technical staff in the field deliver timely knowledgeable service and parts and to complete other business processes from the field such as purchasing, client electronic sign off and booking new appointments.

Sage X3 Service Management software includes features specifically designed for mid-sized businesses providing intellectual services, technical services and operational services.

Business processes for Service Management

In addition to many of the functions you would expect from a ‘best of breed’ mid-market ERP software solution, Sage ERP’s Service Management solution delivers an extended set of out-of–the-box business benefits.

Sage X3 Service Manager incorporates customizable workflows for ‘do and charge,’ project and job related services, as well as equipment specific technical services. Configurable approval processes and alerts further streamlines delivery efforts. Maintenance of a resource skills matrix helps with recruitment to fill current or pending gaps and scheduling of available resources.

CitySoft helps you configure Sage X3 to better manage resources, costs and people. Sage X3 supports better management of spare parts inventory, ensuring you free up working capital by maintaining an optimized parts inventory. Advanced equipment card creation from sales order entry aids with warranty, spare parts and after sales servicing of equipment.

Sage X3 is an enterprise-wide solution for labour and product based project and job engagements; after sales service; billing; spare parts management; and warranty and maintenance fulfillment. Sage X3 supports sophisticated volumetric billing models and simple client entry, via a Web client, of consumption data that can trigger invoicing, service requests and consumables replenishment.

Better project management

Sage X3 helps your business better manage project-based engagements. Sage X3 project management tools will allow you to manage projects from design through to completion, by providing a dual customer and operational view. This view is enhanced through centralization of all project-related components and events, as well as standardization of the associated processes. 

Sage has used its experience working with the most successful Service Management companies around the globe to develop the tools to help you simplify project management processes, ensuring accurate tracking and situation intelligence to help you adapt to changing circumstances.

Improve financial performance

Sage X3 will also help you measure a projects financial performance in order to control jobs, assess their profitability, compare current and historic projects, and model projects and jobs for forecasting, quoting and scheduling purposes.


DIMO Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for Sage X3 provides companies with an asset and facility maintenance solution encompassing effective resource planning for maintenance engineers allocation, spare parts consumption and booking of resources. DIMO software is designed to increase the availability and performance of equipment by decreasing downtime and failure of equipment. DIMO helps simplify asset management and renewal asset decision making by measuring the precise cost of ownership of assets. DIMO CMMS software when connected to Sage X3 often with A.P.S scheduling, P.L.M. and M.E.S. functionality, includes asset maintenance schedules into production schedules for more accurate planning and forecasting and corrective maintenance management.

DIMO for Sage X3 also assists with accurate cost accounting and asset management as well as helping co-ordinate HRM activities to reflect planned CMMS activities.